Company Overview

Every story has the same ending, telling a fresh story has to be a new beginning!


GoSkyeProductions, a Midwest Regional entertainment company, founded in 2012.  Its mission is to develop, produce, promote and distribute Independent Media, either solely or in partnership with other Independent Filmmakers.

We are a young, minority, Independent Film Company working on bringing new and unique cinema to their target audience in the Midwest Region.  Our first intent is to open the Latino market, thus supporting the Filmmakers of Independent Films.

We believe there is a need for more films in Spanish (subtitled in English) distributed in the U.S.  Achieving this goal would be a step toward increasing the number of the older Latino/Hispanic families going to a movie theater to watch and enjoy a film, but don’t get us wrong… we are a diversified company in which we will produce English and other languages.  Genres like Drama, Horror, Fantasy, Crime, Non-fiction.

We also feel there is a need to encourage students in film, by initiating an Internship Program to provide a gateway for a real world experience in the filmmaking industry.

We plan to hire filmmakers throughout the Midwest with Founders, Oscar Rodriguez and Mariana Rodriguez; Executive Producer, Ricardo Thurmond; Art Director, Jacky ToledoGoSkyeProductions intends to fulfill its mission.