Book Review “The Films of Sam Mendes by Michael Jolls”

By Oscar Rodriguez

Title: The Films of Sam Mendes

Pages: 109 | Language: English | Format: Paperback & Kindle

Series: Under One Hour (Literally, Under One Hour)

Published by: Under One Hour, LLC | Sold by: Amazon


You ever wonder or was ever interested to know more about the creative side and the brilliant mind that brought to life and known for directing the comedy-drama film American Beauty (1999), which earned him the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Director, the crime film Road to Perdition (2002), Jarhead (2005), Revolutionary Road (2008), Away We Go (2009), Skyfall (2012) and Spectre (2015).

This book gives you all you want to know about Samuel Alexander Mendes, he is an English stage and film director.  Michael Jolls, as the author analysis the mind and the creative ideas of Sam Mendes.

Where does his imagination come from?

Why his artistic ideas are working?

“American Beauty” for example is a brilliant film about characters who are living the American Dream, at the end, only to find out they are living a miserable life.

Sam Mendes makes a dramatic change in the father Lester, well played by Kevin Spacey.  He is introduced to us unhappy in life, in which he is treated poorly by his wife and daughter and his boss at work.  This film left everyone gasping for air, it conveys realism, but at the same time giving us a sudden upsetting or surprise even and experiences of possibly cathartic sense of hope.  Sam Mendes shows a certain people who, to varying degrees, all strive for a certain American Dream, a desperate cry for help and a reassuring sense of happiness and fulfillment and that is cinema at it’s very best by Sam Mendes.

Michael Jolls, has well written this novel to introduce what Sam Mendes has done with films like American Beauty (1999), Road to Perdition (2002), Jarhead (2005), Revolutionary Road (2008), Away We Go (2009), Skyfall (2012) and Spectre (2015).  Not only to introduce the creative side, but also the challenges Sam Mendes had to deal with in order to make this films very well successful on screen.

The team at GoSkyeProductions was honored to have read Micheal Jolls book, in helping us, the fans of Sam Mendes and those who are in need to find new creative or possibly a bit more education in how great film directors are making it in the industry and winning Academy Awards, this is the book, a must own to get there.


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