‘Bajo Sus Uñas’ is holding an open casting call in Chicago, Illinois

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“Bajo Sus Uñas The Movie in Spanish”

Bajo Sus Uñas is about man whose ex-wife is brutally murdered, leaving him with sole custody of his only child, Liliana. This self-involved work alcoholic must learn to be a full-time parent. Liliana makes a new friend a shy little boy who seems to see and know too much and tells Liliana a secret that her father’s sexy young wife isn’t all she pretends to be. Her father’s disbelieve leaves this little boy to seek the help of his grieving daughter before it’s too late.


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**Filming will begin in two months

*Tenga en cuenta: las edades a continuación deben retratarse para el personaje y debe hablar el 100% de Español



ROBERTO SALAZAR (40s), a father, who works as an insurance consultant, remarried to a paralegal, scruffy, appearance that goes hand-in-hand with his good personality.

LILIANA SALAZAR (9 years old), she is lighter skinned than her dad, blue eyes, curly hair with a sweet pleasant voice.

CARLITOS (8 years old), a young little boy, he’s beneath his tranquility lurks, never smiles, lonely.

MARTHA (40-50s),  this is Liliana’s aunt.  She’s got a very strong character and holds many grudges from her past.


MAN #2 (40-50s) | This man has short sentences, speaking to “Roberto Salazar”.

MAN #3 (40-50s) | This man has short sentences, speaking to “Roberto Salazar”.

MAN #8 (30-50s) | This man has few sentences, but no screen time, just VO.

NOSEY NEIGHBOR (30-40s) | This woman has short sentences, speaking to “Erica Salazar”.

PRINCIPAL (40-60s+) | This man has few sentences, speaking to “Roberto Salazar”.

Mr. REY (40-50s) | This man has more than few sentences, speaking to “Roberto Salazar”, and must look appealing to the audience, seductive.

SECRETARY (20-30s) | This woman is “Mr. Rey’s” secretary.

TEACHER (30-50s) | This man has a short sentence.

RECEPTIONIST (20-30s) | This woman has short sentences.

PERSONAL BANKER (20-30s) | This man has short sentences.

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