“Bajo Sus Uñas” (Filming)

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Storyline Bajo Sus Uñas is about man whose ex-wife is brutally murdered, leaving him with sole custody of his only child, Liliana.  This self-involved work alcoholic must learn to be a full-time parent.  Liliana makes a new …


“The Orphaned” (In Development)

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Storyline The Orphaned is about a distress young girl, who is forced to move into an old country home with her aunt and uncle after her parents died in a horrible house fire.  The arsonist …


“STALKERS” (Pre-Production)

Storyline Stalkers is a cult horror film about a man who loses his wife to a tragic death.  Hoping for a fresh start to a new life, he surprisingly decides to travel to a new home that his …


“B.O.O.S.T.” (In Development)

Storyline B.O.O.S.T. is based on a true story, a gritty, honest and a beautiful tale of a working class family which takes place in the South part of Texas, caught up in a dysfunctional cycle of seedy traditions, searching for a way out. …


“Que Poca Madre” (In Development)

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Storyline Que Poca Madre is a film about man who loses his wife, surprisingly he decides to travel to a new home that his wife left behind after her death, hoping for a fresh start to a …


“Un Levanton” (Announced)

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Storyline Un Levanton is about a man who takes over a drug cartel, while fatally overwhelmed to greed.  Who now pretends to be his boss as Mr. Guzman and his partners to the world as Drug Lords.  …


“El Cucui” (Announced)

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Storyline El Cucui is a mythical ghost-story found in Hispanic homes, equivalent to the bogeyman, as it is a commonly used figure of speech representing an irrational or exaggerated fear, but this time the tables have turn …