It’s Becoming A Reality “BLOOD SOMBRERO”

By Oscar Rodriguez

Runtime: 86 min

Production Company:  Entertainment one, Blood Sombrero, Stone Berry Production, BSF Film

Director: Abel Berry & Jennifer Michelle Stone II

Written by: Abel Berry & Jennifer Michelle Stone II

Starring: Billy Blair, Paula Mercenary Solinger, Nick Gomez, Tom Proctor…


I wanted to kick it off by providing a little background on how GoSkyeProductions came to be, quite frankly, I was encouraged by my family and friends… but more then anything.  Inspired with support by my wife Mariana Rodriguez, to channel my creative energies and business background into something that would fulfill my need to succeed on my own terms, and release some of my past demons.  At first I started to write an autobiography depicting my early struggles, but realized it was not what I wanted.  That led to researching how to write a movie script, then my first script, then more research into the various aspects of the industry, which eventually led to GoSkyeProductions.  It was not an easy journey and I promise I will go into more detail at a later date, because…….

I am packing my bags and preparing for a role in an amazing project currently filming in Texas, the movie Blood Sombrero” by Abel Berry.  I am scheduled to stand in front of the cameras this year.  It is a star studded, action packed film utilizing the talents of award winning cinematographer, Richard Allen Crook.  I am looking forward to portraying a henchman and will be working with Nick Gomez and a talented cast of strong, beautiful actresses, and tough action actors.

When I get back, I will give you more specific behind the scenes information about the story line of the movie and the cast members! Needless to say, it will be a heart pounding thrill ride! So keep checking back to our Facebook page for more updates.


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