Movie Review “DAYLIGHT’S END”

By Oscar Rodriguez

Runtime: 105 min

Production Company: Throttle Films, Indigo Pictures, Carolina Film Works, Femmewerks Productions, Rough Cut Films, Underdogg Entertainment

Director: William Kaufman | Written by: Chad Law

Starring: Johnny Strong, Lance Henriksen, Louis Mandylor


If you want to enjoy a killer indie film with lots of action scenes and the feel of a “Madmax” The Movie or a TV show like “The Walking Dead”.  The film “DAYLIGHT’S END”  is totally and highly recommended for you.

This film is about a plague with hungry creatures, “Johnny Strong” from (Fast and the Furious) who plays “Thomas Rourke” in the film comes across these survivors in a police station which they use as a sanctuary.  Thomas, and the group of survivors agree that he would help them defend themselves to escape to a holy place.  Thomas, risks his life to save the others.

After watching “DAYLIGHT’S END” you will find yourself biting your nails.  This film has an amazing cast in which they delivered exactly how The Director “William Kaufman” (Sinners and Saints) wanted.  Some of the performers were like “Lance Henriksen” (Terminator), “Brent Anderson” (My All American), and “Krzysztof Soszynski” (Here Comes The Boom).  They find themselves in a bloody battle and the odds are against them.

The film starts and ends with nothing but action and unexpected of events.  Directed by “William Kauffman”.  He is one killer machine in the indie film industry with nothing but action pack films.  “Chad Law” (Close Range), is the writer and both make a remarkable team.

The film is different from most other films related to zombies, and having a unique plot, completely different from most other indie or hollywood films.  The film is appealing if you are into zombies and bloody-action.

“A special thanks to Todd Jenkins for introducing us to a great film and a shout-out to Frederic Doss!”


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