Movie Review “B.O.O.S.T.”

By Oscar Rodriguez

Runtime: 25 min

Production Company: Lone Stars Entertainment | Director: Jeremiah Ocañas

Starring: Jeremiah Ocañas, Omar Garza, Kobie Washington

Written by: Jeremiah Ocañas & Gabriela Lopez De Dennis


“This film is based on the amount of great people who take the risk against violence and fear which takes place now all over the world in the way we live, and make one choice… to pursue a better life for our family.”

If you want to enjoy a unique Latin American drama film based on true events, the short film “B.O.O.S.T.” is highly recommended. The film is being submitted to film festivals and will be released through their website in October 2015.

The film is about a dysfunctional working class family in the Southern part of Texas. A very heartfelt short story of what can go through one man’s life as he faces deciding whether to live with his dysfunctional and gritty family or live a life more connected with his wife and daughter.

After watching “B.O.O.S.T.”, you will find yourself learning more about the characters. Jeremiah Ocañas & Gabriela Lopez de Dennis, shows characters with deep emotional issues and sensitivities who are middle-aged role models to young children. They find themselves suffering with gritty habits and damage passed on by their ancestors. Awkwardly, “Bobby” is a difficult person to deal with and is like a ticking time bomb. The family is isolated by this particular family member. He uses his great skill in persuading methods without escape.

The film starts with a quick drama and action. Then, slows down a bit. But, it unfolds quite smoothly to enjoy, it’s not dreadful or dull. The movie is truthful, delighting and sends a message that we all can relate to. The movie has a bit of humor and is missing the elements of unexpected series of events. But, who needs that in a drama film, right? When there are fights and emotional damage.

The film is appealing for adults and teenagers, and has a unique plot, different from most other films. Surprisingly, there is not another movie that it can be compared to… no comparison. Jeremiah Ocañas & Gabriela Lopez de Dennis both have done a great job on this, as they have also been building a phenomenal reputation and great career as entrepreneurs in Motion Pictures by taking on the competition in Independent Filmmaking and Hollywood. “B.O.O.S.T.” is absolutely a different film and we can’t wait to see what they’ll make out of themselves.

The view of the film has something relevant to the audience, you will feel the characters with different personalities, reactions and dreams. “B.O.O.S.T.” is the type of film that promotes change. Instead of positioning the story of stealing construction equipment in the U.S. as a crime account of events, Tino Rios takes a chance and the risk to save the lives of his family. While the rest of the Rios family is forever caught up in the cycle.


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Jeremiah Ocañas

Written by
Jeremiah Ocañas & Gabriela Lopez de Dennis

Jeremiah Ocañas
Omar Garza
Kobie Washington
Santos Luis Ocañas
Santiago Villalobos
Irma Rocha
Albert Escamilla
Jaren Garcia

Executive Producer
Rafail Hernandez
Jesus Gonzales
Ceasar & Lydia Garza

Jeremiah Ocañas
Gabriela Lopez De Dennis
Gabriel Luna
Renne DeBeVoise

Ronn Head
Taylor Simpson

Jonathan Ocañas

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