The Hollywood Standard Screenplay

Screenwriting is a business and taking care of your script, plus time invested, means taking care of your money.



Having a standardized screenplay is how you present your script to a producer.  In many cases you as many other story tellers will try and take this task upon themselves, wing right through it, hoping for the best, in many cases these scripts will stay at the bottom of the pile while others are being produced.  Remember, your screenplay is your first impression to have the producer feather through your script without stopping a beat.

So, let us help you polish your script today!

Your Premium Coverage | $799.99

  • 2 pages of detailed notes
  • Character – Plot – Structure – Dialogue, and Concept Analysis
  • A score from 1 – 10 so you can compare progress within ratings
  • A recommended longline for pitching
  • Specific suggestions for detailed changes in your script
  • Included follow-up questions
  • 40 hour turnaround time